Diverticulitis symptoms can end using the Catalyst Food method.
Supplement package
Supplement package


Supplement package

How about "Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods: Symptom reduction/elimination for 98%. Amazing Relief!

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There are a few things that virtually every diverticulitis sufferer goes through. We figure out how to end your misery and over a 10 year period, know which supplements successfully address each symptom.

• Rachel’s digestive disorder TEA: This is the single most effective supplement you can take. Addresses: Pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, inflammation, valve soothing, and colon armoring.
• Peppermint oil: An inexpensive, and used as described, almost 100% successful at addressing bloating.
• Slippery Elm: The most effective herb known for creating a temporary armor like coating of mucilloid protection in your stomach, intestine, and colon, every time you eat.
• GSE: An all natural grapefruit seed extract that acts as an antibiotic. May help improve your bodies immune response to fend off attacks, flare-ups, and pain due to mild or periodic infection

The diet is the long term solution but supplements can make life bearable in the meantime. Every person with mild to moderate digestive disorders has all or most of these issues. These four items are your first aid kit and according to our testimonials, have saved hundreds of rounds of antibiotics, ER trips, and even a few surgeries. The Tea will last one person one month, the peppermint oil one to four months, the slippery elm, about a week, and the GSE, a year. Get it on Sale now for 49.50.

We also have a premium package that includes additional items to make you more comfortable and increase success.

The premium supplement package gives you every supplement to make you feel pain free, energetic, in a good mood, digestive tract coated with critical mucilage, end bloating in minutes, bring toilet drama into check, supply 10 BILLION of the best probiotics, full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, replace lost electrolytes anytime diarrhea strikes, and have a shelf stable, all natural antibiotic that according to our testimonials has prevented emergency room visits, ended attacks, and even made a few surgeries unnecessary.

The Full Premium Supplement Package contains Everything listed above AND:

• A full month supply of Macro Greens, super probiotics (10 billion count) with vitamins and minerals.
• Turmeric with Bioperine TM which is clinically proven to be a natural anti-depressant almost as effective as Prozac. Equally important, Turmeric is the most powerful anti-inflammatory herb on earth and in the form, formula and with 95% curcuminoid and the added Bioperine TM making it over 100 times more assymilable and effective.
• Nuun electrolyte tablets which can be taken anytime diarrhea lasts more than two days. Diarrhea, exertion, sweating, and even medications can deplete electrolytes. Most people ignore it but this exact phenomenon is what sometimes kills athletes during or after a game. Diarrhea does the same thing and Nuun replaces what you lost. “No, Gatorade doesn’t work.”
• 3 more bottles (total of four) of the slippery elm bark capsules. Slippery elm coats the stomach with a mucilage that works like human mucus (in the digestive tract. If you use a few capsules before each meal, you will never quit using it. A bottle lasts about a week when used per meal.

Cost at Rachel’s Tea discount supplement website: $138.35. Right now, almost 10% off the near wholesale price from the site, $125.00, and free domestic shipping. With this kit, you will get your life back even while getting better on the Catalyst Food Avoidance Diet.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Rachel’s Tea does not recommend these supplements to diagnose, treat, prevent, heal, or cure any disease. Consult your doctor before changing your food or supplement intake.