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You suffer with diverticulitis and decided: "This has to end NOW."

I am Mike Hohlweg the creator of the diverticulitis "Catalyst Food" diet that has helped thousands. 2016 can be your year but you have to read below for a few minutes to understand how to end your nightmare. 

Remember... if you keep doing what you've been doing... you won't get better!

Diverticulitis is a disaster for the 40 million who suffer and the doctors with no answers
Hi, i'm Mike Hohlweg and I am not a doctor. I am personally asking you to invest a few minutes to see how to avoid the few foods that may be toxic to you.

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Here is how simple it really is:
The 4 Most Common Treatments 
for Diverticulitis Sufferers
You already know... They Don’t Work

If you have tried these, you know that they are short lived treatments and do not offer long term relief from diverticulitis

1. Consider invasive, procedures (-oscopies), or even removal of all or part of the colon, gall bladder, etc. 
2. Use antibiotics and other prescription meds and acid blockers.
3. Take over-the-counter pain and acid blocking drugs.
4. The Mayo Clinic Diverticulitis diet which has never cured a single person.
Let me condense this: You are suffering through treatments that have never worked once, even though millions endure them. Why?
What Causes Diverticulitis?
Doctors say... its a mystery. I say it is staring us in the face!

Allopathic medicine (modern doctors and pharmaceutical companies) teach: the cause and cure for diverticulitis are unknown. This is not my claim. Here are medical website links that prove what I am saying:

There are two main things I don’t like about invasive procedures or drugs. 
  • First, they don’t heal or cure which means they are only treatments. 
  • Second, the potential side effects of using powerful drugs can in some cases, make things worse. 

Read one or both of these medical articles.   The first is by Dr. Mercola, a digestive disorder specialist:  This second article is a forum of digestive disorder patients taking a powerful antibiotic combination. If you want to see what side effects you might experience taking that things like Cipro and Flagyl... and you don’t scare easily, read a bit here:

What Has Everyone Missed? This Section is Everything!

  • The food and drinks we consume
  • Medications we take
  • The saliva, acid, bile and enzymes our body produces to digest our food and drink

My theory is that diverticulitis and diverticulosis are related to stomach acid. Some other acid related disorders are GERD, heartburn, acid reflux, Crohn’s, colitis, IBD, IBS and celiac disease, to name a few. All these diseases have one thing in common: acid. Acid, in excess, damages the mucosal lining (the colon's protective armor), which in turn causes inflammation. Inflammation in the colon (our septic tank) leads to infection which leads to attacks and flare-ups. It may also cause the weakening of the colon lining which allows diverticula (pouches) to form. Medical studies agree that these conditions are related to the amount of hydrochloric acid produced.

This is why some of these diseases are even named after their acidic origins, such as heartburn and acid reflux. Diverticulitis is one member of the acidic disease group. Again, if you want proof from the medical community, here are two internet sources that document the fact that GERD and other stomach disorders are related to stomach acid:

What's wrong with acid? Nothing, however, enzyme and bile digestion are the preferable methods of digestion in my opinion and they are not damaging to delicate tissues like the esophagus, throat, intestinal cilia stomach valves, and the mucosal lining of the colon.

Yes, the digestive tract is designed to tolerate acid but today we eat so many catalyst meals daily, that instead of enzyme digestion 90% of the time, we digest virtually every meal 3 times per day 365 days per year with hydrochloric acid.  This, in my opinion is the entire problem and cause of almost all digestive disorders. 

Using 7 years of research and  thousands of client testimonials, I confirmed that almost everyone with a digestive disorder suffers from over-production of stomach acid. The proof is heartburn, acid reflux, and/or colon inflammation and pain. So much acid that it bubbles up our throats and is burning through our colon's mucosal lining.

This is why we take antacids all the time, (or suffer). Acid is bloating us, ulcerating us, burning our throats and stomachs and inflaming our colons and yet everyone (even the whitecoats) is missing that it might be the actual cause of diverticulitis. I think it is and no antacid can fix it. 

How Can We Know If Mike's Theory is Correct?

I believe in my "acid is the cause" theory so I experimented on a total of 28 people with digestive disorders (myself, two friends, and 25 people I coached for free who volunteered off the internet. In 4 weeks, 25 of the 28 subjects rated their level of progress as: 
"symptoms gone or dramatically improved." This was the highest rating allowed in the survey.*

*This was my survey of 28 people, not a double blind clinical study. Again, I am a lay person, not a scientist or doctor. 

I researched and found that diverticular disease mainly exists in 7 countries. The other 180+ countries, with billions of people, have very few if any cases of diverticulitis. Doubt what I am telling you? Here is what doctors at Cornell University said (paraphrased): 30% to 65% of the population in the “Western world” have this disease but it is almost nonexistent in the other 180! This is a working diverticulitis diet, diverticulosis diet and it is just that simple! Again, here are the medical research citations:

Which 7 countries with only 15% of the world’s population have nearly 90% of the worlds Diverticulitis patients? Here they are: If you have Diverticular disease, you are probably from one of the countries below:

Why these 7 places?

  • Diet! Diet! Diet! 
  • There are foods that when eaten with another food create an acid causing "catalyst" effect in our digestive tract. We can eat almost any food we wanted, but when we ate any two of the “catalyst foods” in the same meal, the results were dramatic… dramatically bad. Sometimes the result was immediate, and sometimes delayed, but the result was always one or more of the following: heartburn, reflux, acid throat, bloating, horrible cramping, abdominal pain, gas, meals “just sitting there,” and toilet “drama.”
  • People who eat in these countries are taught from birth to mix the catalyst foods during every meal, three times per day, year after year. Diverticulitis is almost inevitable and by age 60, 80% of us have diverticulitis or another digestive disorder to prove it!

Doctors Are Not Your Only Option!

You are near the end. I strongly suggest you finish.

As we proved earlier from the medical websites, doctors are taught; the cause of diverticulitis is a mystery. If your mechanic told you he/she had no idea how to fix your car… would you pay them to start working?

 Be Honest Mike, will it be hard to follow this program?   

I am a family man, not really a sales person (my wife and daughter are my partners). I am being painfully honest with you. Although the program is straightforward, changing your eating style is difficult. Yes, there are others who sell capsules, or books , claiming “cures without effort”. That is not our claim, this is a groundbreaking diverticulitis diet and you will have to change some things. You will be able to eat 95% of the foods you are used to, but you will have to avoid the catalyst food combinations (we give you a list/chart). New rules are hard to follow but let me ask you this: 

Is it easy living with all the horrible symptoms of diverticulitis? To me, it was more difficult to do nothing.

What Exactly Will I Get When I order?
  • Diverticulitis Pain Free Foods 28 Page Relief Plan (book 1 of 4 books you will receive).  This is Mike's best selling catalyst food diet (new 2016 edition). It is sent out to you within one business day (free shipping anywhere). We also send you a full digital version of all four books immediately after you order (sent to your email). You just click and start reading right after you order!
  • “50 Things You Absolutely Must Know” (book 2 in your series of 4) The book that answers the questions 30,000  customers have asked us during 7 years of coaching. Everything from stopping a flareup to ending chronic diarrhea or constipation and 47 other issues! This is your "go to, diverticulitis bible."
  • Diverticulitis Diet Recipes! (72 pages, 200 recipes, book 3 in your series). Use the recipes to make your menu for a week or two until you get used to the program. The recipe collection has breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and smoothies. 
  • 7-Day Menu and Shopping List! (book 4) Don't want to read or think? We received so many requests for this, we had no choice. We hand select 21 great meals from the program and give you a shopping list for the store. 
  • Free password access to your members area where you can choose which topics, issues, symptoms, you want coaching on. Over 100 videos (avg. 4 min) where Mike personally coaches you through all aspects of the diet and reducing or eliminating all digestive disorder symptoms.
  • “5-Minute Quick Start Guide” eliminate the catalyst foods and trigger foods with your very next bite. Check Chapter 20 page 21 first thing!
  • "Eat Out Guide," is a color, laminated, pocket/purse sized guide showing you what you can and can't eat. Keep it with you so you can eat at friends or restaurants without fear.
  • Eat Almost Any Food You Want, just don’t eat two catalyst foods (easy to see on your eating guide chart) in the same meal, and never eat any of the 7 trigger foods. You will not be deprived or go hungry.
  • Free Unlimited Email Support, Emails answered 6 days a week! We don't want you to feel alone. Note: emails usually answered within 1 to 4 business hours.
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Diverticulitis Platinum Package

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The Platinum Package includes all six bonuses!
Pain Free Foods

 Those who have read these 28 pages tell us they don’t know how they lived without it. We guarantee this book is worth more than anything you have ever read about Diverticulitis. Its value is not the number of pages, but the fact that catalyst food avoidance actually works where nothing else does. 

$89 Value

Recipe Collection

Get 200 mouth watering, pain free recipes FREE with your order. Great entrees, desserts, breads, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, smoothies, and snacks, all non-catalyst and no trigger foods. Just choose and eat. This type of book sells for $49 elsewhere, and only PFF has catalyst avoidance!

$49 Value – Yours Free

The Eat Out Guide

Don’t get in trouble just because you're away from home.. This eat out guide will show you how how to enjoy normal day to day activities without accidentally eating the wrong foods. The chart is in the digital to copy and Hardcopy and you get a free laminated pocket/purse card.
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7-Day Menu 

Some of our customers just want to be told “what to eat right now.” The 7 day menu gives you 21 meals and a shopping list for the store… simple. The only way to make it easier is to let us do the cooking… and “no” we won’t.
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Full Email Support

Contact us anytime about anything, 7 days a week. Email: “[email protected]“. We are glad to help. No other online Diverticulitis program provides you with this quality of support!
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50 Things Book

Every secret Mike knows to eliminate or reduce symptoms. Stop a flareup in its tracks, end diarrhea or constipation,  un-bloat (is that a word) in two minutes, and 46 other techniques that do exactly what we say.
$45 Value – Yours Free

What Our Customers Have to Say:

*Disclaimer:  The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.

 *Disclaimer. Thank You Sonia, I have been reviewing Mikes Video's all day. I am not only impressed, but I feel this is exactly what I need now. My surgeon is great, he took me as far as he can, now I need to have a program like this. He did not rush into surgery until his back was against the wall.To bad for me that I did not know about your family two years ago, when I had such a bad attack that landed me in the hospital for six weeks, emergency surgery and a bag for a year and a half. Now I have had my reversal and never want to back there again.        

                    JEANE ALVARADO 01-26-16                            

*Disclaimer. I'm just writing because Sonya asked me to. I have had this diverticulitis for 16 years and tried your book almost three months now. No more attacks or going to the hospital thinking I might die just from pain. Like I said to me it was not easy from first but coached with Mikes daughter and she kept me understanding, no charge for that which was good. My life is not perfect but my diverticulitis is gone or not causing me any pain since after two days from starting. I am grateful to them.

MARTIN M. 1-1-16

*Disclaimer. My daughter has not had a flare up since she has been out of the hospital and on this diet.  She has had some "very slight" pain but no bloating or diarrhea.  We have referred 3 friends to your website and to your program.   Thank you so much! 

DEEANN  7-9-2015

*Disclaimer. I seem to be getting the hang of this whole thing and feeling better. Thanks again for all of your extra help, the book was great but you being there every step of the way during those first few days was crucial. Best 99 bucks I ever spent. Have a great weekend 

ALLAN SMITH  6-12-2015

*Disclaimer. Hi Michael, It’s Shauna Young here. I have been following your diet for the past 2 weeks and have experienced amazing results. I noticed a difference from day 2 which I did not expect. However I lost 5 kilos. I stared out weighing 47 kilos and this is the perfect BMI for me at 5 feet 0 ins.  I now  weigh 42 kilos which is ok so long as I can maintain this weight. I have never had a weight problem or dieted before. Do you think I need to worry about this??? Thank you so much for this diet. It has truly changed my life and I will st... 

SHAUNA YOUNG  1-2-2015 

*Disclaimer:  The overall health and even genetics of the dieter can affect their outcome. Your experience may certainly vary from those who have written these testimonials.*

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You are out of excuses. 

Rachel Hohlweg

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